1608 Bloomingdale 
Glendale Hts, IL 60139



Our Location:

(630) 668-5323 
(630) 668-5396
(911 for emergencies)





Deputy Chief:

Russell Wood

Richard Cassady


Nicholas Kosiara
Marty Olsen
Richard Osborn

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Glenside Fire Protection District History

The Glenside Fire Protection District was created in June of 1969 through a referendum approved by the voters of the Glen Ellyn Countryside unincorporated area and the voters of the Village of Glendale Heights.  In October of 1970 a new fire station was dedicated to house 6 pieces of fire equipment and provided a training room and living areas for the firefighters. The Fire Chief was Robert Arens.  There was an addition of two long apparatus bays on the west side of the original building in 1984 by Fire Chief, Ron Dukes, and in 1994 a two phase renovation project was started by Fire Chief, Ralph Blust.  The first phase, the renovation of the apparatus bays and the underground fuel storage tanks was completed during 1994.  However, the second phase, the demolition of the meeting room and living areas of the original building and the construction of new living areas and administrative offices had to wait for funding.  In March of 2002 the residents of the Glenside Fire Protection District voted to approve a 3 million bond issue to renovate the 32 year old fire station. 

July 31, 2004 was the dedication of a project which began in 1994.  The renovated fire station is open to the citizens for their inspection.  The building which was funded by the citizens and is expected to serve the community for the next century.  Each day, 24 hours a day, a minimum of five persons are on duty to respond to a variety of emergency incidents.  Monday thru Friday from 8:00am until 4:30pm an administrative staff of five personnel are on duty.  Fire Chief, Russell Wood and Deputy Chief Richard Cassady manage the daily operations.  Three trustees, Nick Kosiara, Sharon Christopher, and Richard Osborn, are elected by the citizens of the fire district to administer the funds and set policies.  The fire district responded to 2,366 incidents in 2018, and documents saving over 20 lives each year.  The district has 10 million dollars in assets, which does not include 4 million dollars in a firemanís pension fund, and a 2018-2019 operating budget of 4.1 million dollars.  The Glenside Fire Protection District is a multi-million dollar operation protecting 34,000 citizens in the community 24 hours each day 365 days each year.  It was created by the citizens in 1969, and it is a vital part of the community today.    


Thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate the Glenside Fire Protection Districtís 50th anniversary this summer! Here are some of our favorite pictures from the open house. If you werenít able to make it, you are welcome to stop by the station for a tour when possible, just give us a quick call to set up a time or stop by to see we are available.


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