My Medical Information

An ambulance soars past traffic, sirens screaming and lights flashing, the medical technicians race toward your home. When they arrive, they find you unconscious and they have little to go on. “Does he/she have any existing  conditions? Is he/she taking any medication? Does he/she have allergies?”

This frightening scenario is all too common for those needing emergency medical service especially senior citizens. That’s why the “MY MEDICAL INFORMATION”, a mini medical history posted on the outside of one’s refrigerator is a great tool when time matters.

The “MY MEDICAL INFORMATION” card enables medics to obtain a quick  medical history when a patient is unable to offer one. The card, which is kept in a red plastic pocket labeled “MY MEDICAL INFORMATION, lists the patient name, emergency medical contact, insurance policy, social security number, health problems, medications, dosages, allergies, recent surgery, religion and a health care proxy. The entire pocket is held with a magnet to the outside of the refrigerator. New inserts can be picked up at the fire station as needed.