The Glenside Fire Protection District Welcomes Jeff Buccola

The Glenside Fire Protection District welcomes Jeff Buccola to the position of Deputy Chief with the Glenside Fire Protection District. DC Buccola comes to us with 30 years of fire service experience including time served at Glen Ellyn Volunteer Department and most recently West Chicago FPD. The District and employees look forward to DC Buccola joining the Glenside family!

The Glenside Fire Protection District is excited to have this resource at our disposal for the care of our residents.

Stroke is the leading cause of disability and the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. When a stroke occurs, every second before a patient begins receiving care, can impact and count toward the recovery time. As emergency calls come in through 9-1-1, if details are indicative of a possible stroke the unit will be mobilized to meet the medics on the scene.

It is a very unique piece of equipment that can only respond to calls from the Central Du Page Hospital EMS Service area, but has agreed to respond the Glenside Fire Protection District on our initial dispatch for a stroke, and can be called to the scene if the patient shows symptoms of a stroke. They hope to expand geographical coverage in the future.

This Mobile Stroke Unit is the first of its kind in Illinois and one of the first in the world. If the unit is mobilized to a scene, the patient will be billed the same as if they were transported by ambulance. No tax dollars are spent on providing this valuable service to the community.

You can check out all the details about the Mobile Stroke unit please follow this link:

Northwestern Medical Mobile Stroke Unit

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